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hirecloud.pro™ is a cloud based telecommuting platform offering Cloud Desktops™, Recruitment System, Conferencing facilities all under a single dashboard for Startups, Small Businesses and Enterprises looking to hire telecommuting professionals, placed all over the world. Our solution is the first and only true TCaaS™ (Telecommuting as a Service™) offering. Please refer to our blogs for various use cases where hirecloud.pro™ can help you.


hireCloud.pro™ is a flagship cloud based solution developed by Qbnox Systems Private Limited. The company is founded by Ugendreshwar Kudupudi who is from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Being a big believer in smart cities concept, hirecloud.pro™ aim is to allow professionals from various countries, cities and villages to work from home instead of moving to bigger cities or countries and at the same time work for leading startups or enterprises without loosing out on opportunities.

Our mission is to allow people to connect, work and collaborate without borders.


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